Everything Styled by Rachel

Just saying styled by Rachel sounds funny to me.  Tell my husband I have taste and that you trust me to pick out your clothing and he’d laugh.  Tell him I’ve got style and know what people like, and he’d probably roll on the floor. He’s constantly asking me who’s grandmother’s sweater I’m wearing and if I’m going to leave the house in what I’m wearing.  I joke, but up until a year or so ago this was the norm at our house.  He still shakes his head when I tell him what I’m going to do to the house and what color I’m going to paint a wall.  Thankfully he’s usually on board or just gives in regardless of the project at hand.  I’m sure it kills him when someone comes over and says how cool the color is or how they love the way we’ve rearranged things. (Truth be told when we bought this house, he said I could paint any colors I wanted as long as I was the one doing the painting and I’ve held him to it. Obviously, I have a pink living room.)


For me your style is shown in more than what you wear. My style and what I like at the time always spill over into my home as well.  The color that’s trending or that is my favorite at the time is also what you will see most of in my home as well as in my closet.  Funny but my choice of clothes is usually well represented in my home as well. 

Being able to dress you is something I love.  In most cases I can look at you and know what would look best on you and maybe have something totally different that I’d like you to try based on your body type.  This kills Jenn. So many times, something will come in and she’ll look at me like I’m crazy and will full on say it’s awful and by the time we post it or go live she wants one or is already wearing one. One of my favorite parts of this business is challenging you to try something totally out of the box. The reward for me is you loving it. 

All of this being said, please don’t hold it against me if you run into me with no makeup and a pair of joggers with a hoodie.  This isn’t the best look for me and I know it but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.  Being able to leave the house alone is sometimes a last-minute unexpected treat so a girls got to GO.  I know you know what I’m saying.  Staying home long enough to really get dressed could run the risk of my entire trip being canceled or someone wanting to join me, so Mama’s got to BOLT when she’s given the opening.  Plus, all that getting ready stuff for the most part isn’t me.  Keeping it real is who we are and is a big part of our business, so the messy bun always wins!

Bottom line is I love dressing you and am constantly blown away by our customers support. You guys make this business work.  I know there are A LOT of other boutiques out there and I’m so happy you continue to choose us.  We have big plans and hope you’ll continue to be a part of this journey with us. 

If you need something in your wardrobe or are feeling stuck in a rut message us.  We’d love to help you and schedule some time to help you feel your best with clothes that fit and are right for your body.  Gosh, I got all the way to  the end and I haven’t said a word about dressing all bodies.  Who am I?  We do!  S-3XL we’ve got lots of choices for all of you, it’s what we do.






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