I’m so glad you’re here. If you’re reading this it means you made it to our website and that we officially launched.  I had no idea the amount of work that would go into making this happen. A huge shout out to “My Person” Jenn that was the lead in all this and has spent hours inputting items and fine-tuning things.  She’s all about the details and organization and I’m the constant dreamer…she’s really made things happen here for all of us and I couldn’t be more proud. 
I’m happy to say this really is how I pictured it.  So often we have an idea in our head and it never makes it to fruition or when it does, it’s just not quite right.  This is what I was hoping for…my vision…and it really happened!  Noelle Bonn @Bonn Creations listened to what I wanted and made it come to life in pictures. My desire is that this website is a good representation of us (Worn & Refined) and that by being on our homepage you’ll know you’ve come to the right place to find clothing for every body, to wear every where , and for all generations. 
Can you believe we’ve survived and grown into this by selling our clothing on Facebook?  It still baffles me to think we’ve created a livelihood for two #mombosses and our sidekick Joe,  just by posting our clothing and being ourselves on our FB page.  How blessed are we?
We know this is a change and something that’s going to take time to get used to so thanks for hopping on board with us as we venture into new territory.  Truth be told this is something you’ve wanted for a long time and we’re super excited that it’s finally happening.
Believe it or not up to this point we’ve known our inventory like the back of our hands.  If you asked me what colors and sizes I had in a certain top, I could most likely tell you off the top of my head. Now you’re going to be able to just look online and see it for yourself. No more "Do you have this?"  business.  While I think our turnaround time is top notch, this is available to you 24 hours a day. Plus, there are folks that aren’t on FB and would like to shop our clothing and now you have a place to send them. 
In general, we’re excited. This is just the 1st step of many for Worn & Refined and we continue to be grateful you’re along for the ride.  So many other exciting things are in the works and we hope you’ll continue to love our items and what we stand for. 
There. It’s official. I have a website AND just wrote my 1st blog and no one died in the process.  So much more to come.  I promise not to cuss too much or be too controversial,  but hey…I’m just me being me and that’s not going to change so all I’ll say is,  I’ll try…
Happy Shopping!




  • Love you!! So proud of you! When you go on Oprah—I’m coming! :)

    Tracy Sue
  • I just love you guys and love the new website!

    Melissa Cochrane
  • I am so proud of what you two have accomplished! The website is beautiful. You have so much to be proud of!!

    Briana B
  • So happy to see your dreams come true girl!!! Love you both!

    Michelle Piasky
  • This looks SO GREAT ladies! I am so proud of you for pushing forward at each obstacle and figuring out how to make your dreams come true! You ladies are the Mom Boss masters! You’ve worked so hard for this and I LOVE your big giant hearts. Continue staying true to yourselves and you’ll keep soaring!


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