So it wasn't a normal Spring Break...but we made it!

Happy Friday!
I woke up this morning excited. I feel like making it through this week was such an accomplishment. I know we're all in different places and each of us is working through the new normal, but we did it. We're here, and looking forward to the weekend. In a time with so much uncertainty I feel an almost calm I can't really explain. I know we're all in God's hands and he's got this situation covered. Rather than be in a panic about what's to come, I find myself counting my blessings. How many of you feel so much more compassion and appreciation for your children's teachers? How many of you miss your co-workers that usually drive you nuts? Are you just thankful that you're healthy and not bummed out about the tan you should have from your cruise or vacation in Hawaii that you didn't get to take? (As you can see the ladies in this house still found the time to hang in their swimsuits after all it was 65 for at least a day) You're celebrating the fact that you have toilet paper and if you didn't a friend that knew you needed some got it for you and dropped it at your doorstep. We're all in this together and we're all going through the motions of things changing by the minute but so far we've made it and everyday we comply and stay at home we are one day closer to being able to restart life as we once knew it. I don't know about you but I can say some things that have been on my to-do list forever are actually getting done. The silverware drawer has never looked so good and the drawers in my bathroom too. Did I mention the garage/warehouse-it's been cleaned to the max and is now being used as the girls art studio. (Another praise to God that paint isn't in the house). The laundry is done, first run through of a closet clean-out happened and it all felt good. It's funny how the things you put off feel so good when they are done. My husband has been home more. He's making dinner and doing the dishes. Everyone is doing their part and sometimes the part of someone else and it feels good. My point in this ramble is there are blessings to be found in all of this too.
We're going to make it. Together we can do anything.  Here's to another productive week of finding our groove and making things happen. 

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  • Great Blog, Rachel! 😘 I’m thankful first for good Health- thanK you, Lord! Secondly, I so appreciate FaceTime and Zoom which have allowed me to chat with my kids, grandkids and co-workers. Finally, thankful for my home and the great weather (until today ☔️) so I could walk outside and wave 👋 at my neighbors. I’ve learned to give thanks in every situation!

    Suzanne Herron

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