To wear EVERYwhere

It’s hard to believe you can wear one of our $36 Maxi Dresses to the pool on top of your swimsuit or to a wedding but it’s true. Most of our pieces are so versatile that they can be completely changed up with a shoe and some accessories. Styling is everything.

Sometimes I’m amazed to think of the women we’re dressing and the places they’re going.  Teachers, Business Women, Stay at home Mom’s, Grandmas - this list is never ending.  We really do have something for everyone. It’s great that we can get a phone call that someone has a trip planned and needs XYZ and we’re able to create a rack for them or send them a few pictures to fulfill their need. Someone’s singing at Church on Easter Sunday and they are looking for something they will be comfortable in and look fabulous…hello, you came to the right place. 

I’m wearing Worn & Refined to the soccer field, to work daily, and to Church on Sunday.  All different outfits, all comfortable and all on trend.

If you know me, you know I like different.  I don’t want what everyone else has - I want something with a twist…. on trend of course but different. With Worn & Refined I can do that too. I can take a basic Tunic and accessorize it to make it my own.  I can wear a different shoe or put on a fun pair of earrings and all of a sudden it’s more me…

We can help you make this happen for yourself too. We’re all about bringing out the best in people and helping you focus on your best features.  

At this point I know some of you so well that I have you in mind when I’m buying something.  I always feel like it’s a huge win for me when you buy the item I purchased with you in mind. 


We hope you are living on your worn & refined as much as we are and that if you have an event you’re going to or just think you need help in the styling department that you let us know. After all it’s what we’re here for





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